Raph Dae

Certified Camera Ninja, Pro Mutterflocker & Wanna-be Writer

The Certified Camera Ninja

Not everybody can acquire the status of Certified Camera Ninja (CCN). It is only after years of practice, years of trial and error, years of going through the motions and years of self-infatuation that the young apprentice can obtain his or her well-deserved CCN status.

To be a good camera ninja, you have to be smart and stupid; careful and reckless; savant and idiotic. Master the paradox, and you shall master the camera.

Wait, there's more?

A camera ninja who also is a wanna-be writer when he’s not being a professional mutterflocker?! Insane.

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I, too, want my website to display fancy numbers that actually don’t mean anything.


The proportion of people who acknowledge stats without ever checking the source.


The proportion of people who get tricked by fancy animations and nice colors.


The proportion of idiots who can cure cancer (except those who do it unintentionally).

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