About me, mutterflocker.

The little information that makes little difference.
What did you do before becoming a Certified Camera Ninja?

I was busy being a professional smart ass. Filmmaking made it worse; getting my CCN qualification gave me a chance to really dive deep into the art of smartassery.

Are you serious about screen production?

Not at all. That’s why I spent 6 weeks designing this website from the bone up, and redid the design again this year. All because I don’t take my work seriously.

What is your view on screen production itself, and the industry?

Well, making films is good, important, etc. The screen industry, I don’t know… I think they wear a lot of pink. But with them it’s more than just meet the eyes. I especially love how movies these days are so gadgetry-oriented that the stories feel like… recycled gibberish. As an environmentalist, I can only appreciate the benefits of recycling.

What kind of work do you perform? How about your client base?

Anything interesting. So that excludes weddings, corporate gigs and anything that would actually help me pay my bills. My client base is rock solid; I just got started.

Would you say that you are artsy?

Funny you would ask that! People used to find me very artsy, but I recently shaved my beard and stopped drinking three lattes a day. Now people don’t call me “artistic” anymore… but I’ve been on the crest of a wave when it comes to political correctness – comes with the newly-found clean-shaven face and pop music, so advertisers run after me like a flock of brown snakes you just accidentally drove over with your dirt bike. (Except they want to bite my ideas, and not my trousers…)

Would you consider yourself professional in your mannerism?

Of course. I actually turn up to most filming sets with that universal ‘homeless’ look that clients appreciate so much. But then the real deal gets on when I start accidentally dropping other people’s most fragile equipment. But I wouldn’t say I’m clumsy.

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